Scalping Strategy: How to Make Small Profits Repeatedly...

Betfair scalping strategy is one of the most trodden paths for new traders. If you've just started and looking for an angle in, this post is for you.

First of all, I'm going to explain what scalping is. Followed by how it works, where it's best to use the scalping strategy, some of the pros and cons and where you can get a more detailed guide to scalping horse-racing markets on Betfair.

What is Scalping Strategy?

Scalping is just the name for strategic approach used by traders on Betfair's markets. As the name suggests, we're looking to scalp small profits from the market repeatedly to build up the overall profit. We're only looking to take a small section of profit over a couple of tick increments at a time.

This kind of approach appeals to those who have just started. Why? Because you don't have to understand where the market is going to obtain a profit. Just one of the main pros of using a scalping strategy.

In its most simplistic form, scalping is where we offer bets into the active market either side price activity and wait for an opportunistic match. Once we get that match we are looking to sell our bet back to the market cheaply. Limiting our risk and exposure to the market at any one point in time. This is great, but it must only be done in the right situation. Failing to do so will lead to net losses.

Where's Best to Scalp Betfair?

To use a scalping strategy we must only employ it under the right conditions. These conditions mean the market should always be active, as we need bets to fill our positions in order to leave us in an advantageous position. If we were to try and scalp the market when the betting market is not active, we would be leaving ourselves open to more risk than necessary. This is not what we want to do. New traders often struggle with this part of the strategy because there are so many variables in the horse raising markets. And of course many are looking for a fixed strategy.

At this point it's worth saying there are very few fixed strategies. And also because market conditions change slightly over time, a fixed strategy is less than ideal. If you are to attempt a scalping strategy, I would advise using some Betfair trading software in training mode. Offering bets outside of the prices, focusing on situations that turn over a higher volume of bets. Such as very close to the start of a race. Or maybe if you're trading football or another sport it should always be very close to the start of the event where the market is at peak activity.

Scalping Strategy Pros and Cons:

As we've already discussed, one of the great pros of scalping is the fact that you don't always need to be right in your assessment of market activity to obtain profit. However, there are some down sides too...

Due to the nature of scalping, it's not uncommon to find traders struggle to employ the strategy effectively. Emotions are easily engaged when trading over a very short period of time. In short, scalping can be stressful. On the plus side when you're selective, just about every betting market provides the opportunity to scalp a price. Be it at one point or another, it's just a case of targeting the right situation. Executing your trades with discipline, routine and precision is paramount.

The main drawback with scalping strategy is that, not all situations are scalable. You cannot always use very large stakes when scalping all situations. You need to adapt to the market's liquidity. If you don't it's likely you will erode any advantage that you have and possibly put yourself into a negative position. However on the whole, scalping is extremely popular and probably the most logical point to start trading from. I myself first found profitability through scalping.

Further scalping strategy guidance and advice:

For further scalping strategy advice and guidance through videos and tex format, I would advise you strongly to check this basic guide to Betfair Scalping.

Alternatively make sure you check the Geek's Toy Forums where others have discussed scalping strategy at length.


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