Ebor Betting: Best Opportunities This Week

Summer racing is drawing to a close. Markets this week are likely to be the best you'll see for a while.

As the winter months draw closer interest in racing drops, as does market turnover. For those of you trading in the evenings it'll be trickier than ever.

It's not all doom-and-gloom though, this week often yeilds good results. Here's why...

Ebor Festival Trading

In comparisson to other large racing meets, the Ebor doesn't appear to be swamped with as much unmatched cash. Or historically it hasn't been anyway. 

While turnover remains above average it makes for an attractive trading opportunity, smaller stakers may find it easier to turnover their bank, unlike Cheltenham and Ascot.

Another element that I consider of importance is the lack of pressure placed on ones self. From a mental perspective it's ideal, the natural urge with larger televised meetings is that expectations are enhanced drematically. Even if you don't mean to it's hard to avoid this way of thinking. Without so much hype it makes the Ebor festival easier to trade manually.

With a cool £800,000 available in prize money it makes entering a horse an interesting proposition too. This leads to larger fields, lowering market volatility. If you're a scalper by nature it's ideal! Swing traders may find things a little more frustrating, although the larger volumes bet mean it'll be that safer to deploy above-average stakes.

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Racing: Months Ahead

Once all the hype of York has passed things will start to simmer down a little. It's only a few months until the jumps action starts to increase so it's a good time to double-down on learning about the markets, watching and analysing to increase productivity. It might not be so easy to make large returns in the coming months but the value is to be had in learning. As markets are a little 'thinner' it becomes easier to spot the driving forces.

It's also important to remember; as the seasons change, so do the markets. They may be subtle but there are different opportunities on offer and even a couple of different edges to be had throughout the jumps season. Those that fail to realise this and implement it into their trading behaviour are likely to lose out on opportunity, but also get stung at times.

As horses re-appear from a break it's also likely you'll see some skitish markets, staking carefully and being patient is crucial. Getting caught on the wrong side of a gamble in a weak market can lead to disaster! On the other hand, if you're disciplined enough there are some high yeilding trades to be had. Tread carefully.

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